Baked Chicken Recipes here you find several recipes that are prepared with chicken

Baked Chicken Recipes have you here to find out.
From sweet to sour light spicy to very spicy.
By the recipes to follow you the delicious chicken recipes that are easy to prepare.
Chicken is an easy to prepare meals that are eaten by many people.
Chicken is prepared in many different ways.
From the frying-pan, under the grill, but also from the oven.
There are a lot of recipes on the market and we offer you then also.
Through these recipes we have collected over the years we find here on the website in parts.
Enjoy whatsoever of these delicious recipes to make them as indicated.

You can always substitute ingredients, other ingredients that you prefer.
But if you follow the recipe you will get delicious chicken on the table stand.
Here, you and your family and friends to enjoy delicious.
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baked chicken recipes

Below is a shopping list for Baked Chicken Recipes:

Chicken legs presto presto

4 breaded chicken legs

butter or margarine
sweet and sour pickles
1 can mushrooms
fried onions
dried marjoram

Chicken legs presto prestoChicken legs presto presto
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The  chicken legs in butter or margarine for frying on medium heat (30 miutes).
They must then nicely crispy golden.
The legs from the pan and place on a warmed serving dish and keep warm.
In the brown butter lot drained pickled onions, sliced pickles, drained mushrooms and some fried dried onions warm.
Salt, pepper and sprinkle with dried marjolijn.
This vegetable mass over the chicken legs in the dish create.

Enjoy your meal and enjoy this delicious tasty recipe.

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