Beef noodles a delicious Chinese recipes from Chinese cuisine from Canton

Beef noodles is one of the best recipes from Chinese cuisine.
This delicious dish comes from the Chinese cuisine from Canton.
The court must once you have prepared.
The recipe is for 2 people.

The cooking time is about 45 minutes.
This Chinese recipe is a dish that you love your family and friends the compliments.

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Below is a shopping list for this recipe:

150 grams beef tenderloin
1 teaspoon cornstarch
30 grams of fresh Shiitake
30 grams of bamboo shoots
2 spring onions
2 thin slices fresh ginger

Beef noodlesBeef noodles
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150 grams bok choy
250 grams medium-thick Chinese noodles
6 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 teaspoon rice wine
3 tablespoons light soy sauce
5 tablespoons meat broth
a little freshly ground white pepper
a little salt

Beef noodles

The tenderloin wash and pat dry.
Into thin slices or strips and cover with cornstarch.
The Shiitake brushing and slicing.
Spring onions and cut into thin slices.
Peel and chop the ginger.
Bok choy washed and cut into strips of about 2 cm wide cut.
In a large pot of water to a boil.
The noodles in the pan and do not completely cook.
Rinse under cold water and drain well.
Then stir in a tablespoon of oil so that the noodles are not sticking.
In a pan or wok, heat 2 tablespoons oil.
The tenderloin with ginger in the pan on a high heat and stir-fry briefly.
Add the rice wine, 1 tablespoon soy sauce.
Take the meat from the pan immediately.
Heat the rest of the oil.
Spring onions, bamboo, Shiitake and vegetables are added to it until the vegetables al dente.
Add the noodles and add bouilon and 2 tablespoons soy sauce and salt and pepper to taste.
The meat again by mixing and briefly by heating.
The whole directly on the table.

Enjoy your meal and enjoy this delicious tasty recipe.

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