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Chicken Recipes with delicious tastiest baked chicken

Chicken recipes


One of the easiest and most delicious baked chicken recipes

Preparation time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


1 free-range chicken of about 1 kilogram
2 tablespoons poultry seasoning
2 tablespoons liquid margarine

Preheat the grill to its highest setting.
Stir in a bowl, combine chicken spices by the margarine.
Make the legs of the chicken and rub the chicken all over with the spice mixture.
Tie the legs of the chicken together in the same way.
Put a clamp on the spit and insert the spit in the middle by the chicken.
Plug the other clamp on the spit.
Clamp the chicken in the middle of the spit and tighten the clamps.
Put the spit in the grill.
Let the chicken running in about 1 hour golden brown and cooked.
The chicken is cooked when the fluid that runs out is clear and the legs can be moved easily back and forth
Place the chicken on a board and cut it into pieces with a sharp knife.
First the legs and wings cut off.
Than the white breast meat.
Delicious with fries and applesauce.

chicken recipes

chicken recipes with delicious tastiest baked chicken


Preparation time: 1 hour


4 chicken legs
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
a little salt
a little freshly ground white pepper
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 zucchini
4 tomatoes
8 black olives
200 ml dry white wine
1 tablespoon provencal herbs

Rub the chicken legs with salt, pepper and mustard.
Heat the margarine in a frying pan and fry the chicken legs on medium heat for about 10 minutes brown.
Turn them frequently.
Peel the onion and the garlic cloves and chop it finely.
Cut the zucchini into small pieces.
Peel the tomatoes, cut them into quarters and remove the seeds.
Halve the olives.
Add the onion and garlic to the chicken thighs and cook 2 minutes.
Bake the zucchini and tomato approx 2 minutes.
Add the wine, herbs and olives and cook the chicken with the lid tilted the pan about 45 minutes until cooked.
Bring the stew to taste with salt and pepper.
Please include white boiled rice.

chicken recipes

chicken recipes



24 chicken wings natural
150 ml full-fat yogurt
2 tablespoons peanut oil
4 cloves of garlic
1 chilli
1 tablespoon curry powder
a little salt
a little freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Lower wing tips cut off.
Sheet cutting to larger joint.
Bone in the middle by pressing flesh.
Yogurt with oil and stir smooth curry, salt, pepper and lemon juice and stir.
Chicken wings with marinade and pour marinade covered for at least 4 hours.
Preheat grill on high.
Wings lay side by side on tray with grate.
Under the grill in about 20 minutes golden toast.
Halfway through the time the wings turn and cover with the marinade.
This is delicious with country bread, lettuce and spicy sauces.

Chicken Recipes


This tasty baked chicken recipe is for 8 people More chicken recipes


3 large carrots, sliced
3 stalks celery, sliced
1 large onion peeled and cut into chunks
1 broiler about 1800 grams and halved
5 garlic cloves halved lengthwise
1 tablespoon tarragon, chopped
½ teaspoon paprika
1 lemon
½ teaspoon seasoning salt
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 head of lettuce
1 yellow bell pepper cut into strips

For the filling:

100 ml chicken stock
tin in fatter
1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped
100g mushrooms, chopped
2 stalks celery, chopped
225ml dry white wine
6 slices stale bread cubed
1 green apple, chopped
3 tablespoons raisins
2 teaspoons poppy seeds
2 teaspoons of sunflower seeds
1/8 teaspoon dried sage
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
cayenne pepper to taste
2 egg whites, beaten separately

This dish is a lot less fat than the original recipe by stuffing separately to go prepare.
As a result, the fat of the chicken is not included in the filling.

Preheat the oven to 175C.
Add the onion, carrots and celery in a baking dish.
Put the chicken, skin-side up, and stop half 5 cloves of garlic under the skin of each half.
Drizzle with lemon juice and sprinkle with tarragon, paprika, seasoning salt and pepper.
Cover the dish and put it in the oven.
Heat the chicken broth over low heat.
Heat a heavy saucepan over medium heat about 1 minute before.
Grease the bottom twice with tin in fatter.
Add the onion, garlic, mushrooms and celery in the pan and cook 3 minutes over low heat.
Add the wine and cook the vegetables until they are al dente.
Remove the pan from the heat. In a large mixing bowl bread with apple, raisin, poppy, sunflower seeds, sage and pepper.
Add the hot chicken stock, vegetables and egg whites and mix well together.
Put the mixture in a baking dish, cover it and put it in the chicken 15 minutes in the oven.
Baste the chicken in the oven as it has been, with the juices for 45 minutes.
Bake 15 minutes until the juice is clear to him without cover.
Cooking time 1 hour and 45 minutes for the chicken for the filling. Calculation
Remove the skin, cut the meat from the bone.
Turn the inner leaves of a head of lettuce, put them in a dish and put the filling in it.
cover the rest of the dish with lettuce leaves and top with the chicken.
Garnish with yellow pepper.

You can serve this with white rice.

chicken recipes



1 whole chicken
100g smoked bacon, chopped
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary needles
3 cloves garlic, crushed
1 ½ tablespoons chili powder
2 teaspoons grated lemon zest
3 tablespoons oil

With the scissors remove the backbone of the chicken.
Chicken open up and store flat.
Loosen sheet.
Bacon, rosemary, garlic, 1 tablespoon chili powder and 1 teaspoon lemon zest mix.
Rub the chicken in it and roast for about 45 minutes until cooked on the BBQ.
With rosemary, dipped in oil, cover.
Serve with guacamole sauce. click here for the recipe

Enjoy your meal.

Chicken Recipes



8 drumsticks
For the marinade:
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons dry sherry
2 tablespoons oil
1 lime, zest finely grated juice squeezed
1 teaspoon Chinese five spice mix
1 clove garlic, crushed
for the peach salsa:
½ fresh green pepper
15 grams of fresh coriander
1 shallot
1 clove of garlic
2 ½ cm fresh ginger root
juice of 2 limes
4 peaches diced
a little salt
a little pepper
1 tablespoon oil

The marinade ingredients in a mixing bowl.
Drumsticks rub it.
Pour remaining marinade over the drumsticks and leave for about 30 minutes.
Drumsticks on the barbeque in about 15 to 20 minutes grilling.
Regular reverse.
Green pepper, coriander, shallot, garlic and ginger finely chop.
Mix with other ingredients for peach salsa.
Salsa in separate serving bowl with drumsticks.
This way you will have a delicious baked chicken recipes with salsa on the table.

Enjoy your meal.

Chicken Recipes

Chicken recipes

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