Chicken salad with toast a delicious recipe that tastes good

Chicken salad with toast is a delicious combination that your taste buds will taste.
The chicken-salad is a salad made with apple and celery own taste.
The apple and lemon will get a fresh combination.
Your family and friends will thank you for this delicious salad.
The leftover chicken can be used for a ragout.
The chicken you can keep for a few days in the refrigerator before using this.
You use the chicken-salad lettuce and you can serve in a bowl, but also in four different dishes.

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Below is a shopping list for this recipe:

1 chicken of about 1500 grams
2 liters of water
1 bouquet garni
½ teaspoon salt

few sprigs of parsley
few sprigs celery
1 large apple
a little lemon juice
few stalks of celery
One sour gherkin
10 pitted olives
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons sour cream
1 whole fur horseradish (from a bottle)
a little salt
a little pepper
a little sugar
few leaves of lettuce

Bring the water with the bouquet garni, salt, parsley and celery to the boil.
Put the chicken, bring to the boil and let the chicken cook very gently pulling in 1 to 1 ½ hours.
Then release the broth and chicken let cool completely.
Light in the chicken meat from the bones: this is hot better than after complete cooling.
Put beautiful pieces aside for the salad and store the rest in the fridge for a ragout.
Cut the chicken into cubes.
Ok Divide the apple into cubes - sprinkle with lemon juice - and cut the celery into pieces and the pickles and olives.
Put all this in a bowl
Stir the mayonnaise, sour cream and horseradish and more salt, pepper, lemon juice and sugar, which creates a spicy sauce.
Pour over the chicken mixture and let it stand there for fifteen minutes.
Line a large or 4 single bowls with lettuce leaves and spoon the chicken salad in.
Specify if desired toast or toast and butter.

Enjoy your meal and enjoy this delicious tasty recipe.

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