Fillet Tolstoy a calorie poor stew with only 465 calories
a beef recipes from

Fillet Tolstoy is a calorie poor stew with only 465 calories
By a calorie casserole arm to hold you consider your weight.
This fits into a diet and still you lose weight and still good to eat.

By right also to take exercise and sports, you'll find that you lose weight.
Through this daily to do you can still enjoy eating and lose weight responsibly.
This delicious recipe is great for anyone who wants to lose weight while eating.
This combination of food and exercise is an ideal way to still eat good food.

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Below we list for 2 people for this Fillet Tolstoy recipe:

a delicious beef recipes

1 onion
250g beef fillet
2 medium potatoes cooked in their skins
2 tomatoes
½ a sour ugurk
½ bag tied jusmix
2 tablespoons oil
20 grams of butter
1 tablespoon tomato paste
2 tablespoons condensed milk2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper

The cleaning and onion into thick slices.
The tender meat into cubes the size of a sugar cube cut.
Peel the potatoes into slices and divide.
Cut the tomatoes into quarters and pickle into strips.
The bound gravy as directed on the package preparation.
In a pan let the oil get hot ones herein brown the onion in 1 minute bins.
The diced meat there in the pan and the mixture gently for 5 minutes in motion, in order to prevent the onion rings too dark while the pieces of meat around the hot grease to get.
The butter on the edge of the pan and slide the baking mix with chopped tomatoes, slices of potato and tomato puree.
The pickle slices to add.
The bound gravy mix with condensed milk, and the mixture waiter the contents of the pan.
Everything carefully omschepen and quite the pepper mill run.

About 465 calories per person (1945 joules)

Enjoy your meal and enjoy this delicious tasty recipe.

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Fillet Tolstoy


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