More sauce recipes for you from

More sauce recipes for you from
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More Sauce Recipes



½ liter of milk
30 grams sugar
30 grams of wheat flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Mix the flour, cinnamon, sugar and a little milk until there are no lumps.
Now add so much milk that a thin paste occurs.
Bring the remaining milk to the boil and slowly feed it to thin paste.
Let cook for 10 minutes.
This sauce can be served with boiled rice.

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½ liter of milk
20g cornflour
20 grams cocoa
60 grams of sugar
¼ stick of vanilla

Bring 350 ml milk slowly to the boil with the vanilla.
Stir the cornstarch with cocoa and sugar together and mix with 150 ml milk slowly until a thin paste without lumps arises.
Pour the boiling milk, stirring, where the vanilla pod already been removed from.
Let the sauce quite stirring 3-4 minutes cooking.
Stir frequently during cooling through the sauce to prevent skin formation.

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½ liter of milk
½ stick vanilla sauce
10g cornflour
2 eggs
30 grams sugar

Bring the milk slowly to the boil with the vanilla.
Beat the eggs, pour it slowly and still wiping away the lumps in the cornstarch.
Add to this paste, quite movable, much of the boiling milk, until eggs are heated.
Then everything in the pan again, add the sugar and cook the sauce over low heat, stirring with a whisk 3 to 4 minutes to cook.
Take out the vanilla and mix into the cool down from time to time in order to prevent, that a membrane is formed.
Serve the sauce with cold chocolate pudding, lemon rice etc.

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300g small strawberries
400 ml of water
20 grams of potato flour
75 grams of sugar

Wash the strawberries and let it drain in a colander.
Bring the strawberries with water to a boil and add the sugar.
If the sugar is incorporated please with a slotted spoon strawberries from the moisture.
Binds the moisture in the potato flour and pour over the strawberries.
The sauce can be served with a delicious pudding.

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250 ml milk
250ml cream
150 grams of sugar
2 eggs
5 grams cornstarch

Bring the milk and cream and 50 grams of sugar to the boil.
Put the remaining 100 grams of sugar in a fairly large pan and stir with a wooden spoon on a moderate heat until it becomes caramel and over the entire surface begins to foam.
Pour slowly but by a dash, the boiling fluid.
Beat eggs, add them slowly, always stirring and rubbing away the lumps in the cornstarch.
Add to this mass gently, still stirring, much of the hot liquid, until the eggs are heated.
Pour them into the pan and let the sauce, stirring with a whisk considerably over low heat 4 minutes to cook.
This sauce suits a delicious pudding.

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2 shallots
50 grams of butter
50 grams of flour
400 ml fish stock
150ml dry white wine
2 tablespoons tomato ketchup
150 grams of peas from the freezer
250 grams shrimp Norwegian
a little salt
a little freshly ground black pepper
2 spring onions
a little fresh dill

Chop the shallots and sauté 2 minutes in butter.
Sprinkle the flour and leave short yarn.
The distance in parts Stir and leave to take.
Also the wine and stir the sauce smooth stirring and bring to the boil.
The tomato ketchup and peas and stir the sauce gently simmer 8 minutes.
The spring onions cut into rings, dill green coarse cut.
Season the sauce with salt and pepper and add the onions, shrimp and dill.

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