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Roasting Times

The art of roasting.

A golden fried steak or fried chicken with a crispy crust is particularly delicious.
Fry in a pan on the stove cooked quickly and requires a lot of attention from the cook.
With roasting time in the oven is more involved.
By roasting we make a very simple piece of meat or poultry tasty.
Nor is it unhealthy if we keep an eye on which grease we go frying.
What is roasting a delicious piece of meat or poultry?

Roasting is done in making low fat.
The fat is heated in that the bottom of the frying pan to the heat of the hotplate or gas flame guides or by circulation of the hot air in the oven.
The hot fat makes the meat is cooked quickly, gives the meat a nice golden brown color and accentuates the fine meat flavor.
Whether the fat from the meat itself now derived or that we separate the pan slide, makes little difference.
extra fat to lean meat should be added.
When the meat in a skillet on the stove roast is first the fat be hot to the meat as quickly as possible sear.
Thus, all the precious juices preserved without the grease penetrates.
We achieve the same effect in the oven when the meat is showered with hot fat.

The correct grease.

Because when frying with higher working temperatures than when cooking, the cooking fat that temperatures can tolerated without going smoke or burn
Only very pure fats such as vegetable oils and fats and rendered lard possess these properties.
They are free of water and proteïnaceous substances and can therefore easily be quite heated.
Butter or margarine on the other hand by their water content, protein-like substances and other trace miner suitable for roasting.
Already at 100C start the albuminous substances brown.
This gives the roast a fine taste, but is less conducive to health.
If you wish to have a real butter taste, you better after roasting a small knob of butter in the frying pan slide.
This makes the taste is perfect.
Heat drippings during roasting bad once and use the leftover grease for the next piece of meat.
Exception: Only when a fine gravy or sauce is made from drippings and juices.
Repeat heated fat does not taste good.
It is also important that the frying pan, and the other tool to be thoroughly cleaned after the roasting.

The temperature.

The right temperature is important when roasting.
Rule of thumb: the smaller the roasting meat and the finer the fiber structure, the shorter the cooking time and the higher the temperature.
Large pieces of meat with a coarse fiber must therefore slowly on a moderate heat to roast.

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