Tamales Pork a mexican dish from the middle of Mexico.
A delicious recipe from the mexican kitchen

Tamales Pork is a delicious recipe from the Mexican kitchen.
This dish is prepared and served in corn leaves.
If you have made this dish you will get many compliments from your dinner guests.
This dish is served with a devilish sauce from the Mexican kitchen.
For the sauce click here.
This dish is a time-consuming dish that requires preparation.

By the court to serve Atole is complete.
If you no corn leaves can get you can replace it with aluminum foil.

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Below is a shopping list for this recipe:

Tamales Pork

20 Dried maize leaves of the flask
500 grams masa harina (If not available, you can use the corn tortillas as a substitute for use)
2 ½ cups of beef broth
75 grams lard
a little salt
1 onion
600 grams pork schnitzel
2 tablespoons oil
3 cloves of garlic
2 fresh chilies, not too sharp
1 can of tomatillo's (300 grams)
1 bunch fresh coriander
1 cup devils sauce click here for the recipe

Let the corn leaves 3 hours soaking in a bowl of warm water.
Finish the broth with the kneading hooks of the mixer by the mass Harina, so you get a thick mixture.
Let the melted lard, add it, sprinkle with salt and knead just over 5 minutes.
Let the dough rest covered.
Peel the onion and chop finely.
Cut the meat into thin strips.
Heat the oil in a skillet and fry the strips of meat over a high heat for 5 minutes.
Remove from the pan.

Fry the onion over medium heat in the remaining oil.
Peel the garlic cloves, press them out and add them.
Wash the peppers, remove the seeds and cut into rings.
Let the pepper rings briefly fry.
Let's tomatillo drain in a sieve, add them and let the vegetable mixture covered approximately 5 minutes.
Puree the mixture then in the food processor.
Wash the coriander, pat dry the leaves and chop coarsely.
Let the tomato sauce 10 minutes to thicken over low heat.
Add the meat and coriander.
Dab always 1 corn leaf dry.
Spoon about 1 ½ tablespoon dough herein.
Press the dough flat but keep around a wide rim remains uncovered.
Spoon over 1 ½ tablespoon of the meat mixture into the dough.
Roll the corn leaf from a long way.
Crush the corn leaf slightly and fold the ends too.
Bring two large pots with steamer insert a little water to the boil.
Turn the heat to low.
Put every steamer insert 2 corn leaves.
This Arrange the tamales, close together.
Leave them covered in 1 hour Steaming over a moderate heat.
They are cooked when the blade easily separates from the dough.
Serve tamales with devil sauce.

Enjoy your meal and enjoy this delicious tasty recipe.

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Tamales Pork

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